Eliseo - Smart Modern Dining Room Pendant Chandelier: Stylish Lighting for Contemporary Home Decor

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Body Color:  gold
Size:  Length 120cm
Wattage|Emitting Color:  108W | Cold White



Elevate your dining room's ambiance with our Smart Modern Dining Room Pendant Chandelier, a perfect fusion of contemporary design and intelligent lighting for your home. This exquisite chandelier offers both style and cutting-edge functionality. Let's delve into the features and specifications:

Adjustable and Smart Design:

  • Featuring a length of 120cm and an adjustable height of up to 120cm, this pendant chandelier can be tailored to your room's aesthetics and layout. Its smart capabilities add convenience to your lighting experience.

Efficient Wattage:

  • Illuminate your space efficiently with a powerful 108W lighting source. This chandelier offers both brightness and energy efficiency, providing a vibrant atmosphere while reducing energy consumption.

Ideal Coverage:

  • Designed to illuminate spaces ranging from 10 to 40 square meters, this chandelier is perfectly suited for dining rooms and other indoor areas, creating a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere.

Premium Material Composition:

  • Crafted with a combination of aluminum, ironware, and acrylic, this chandelier seamlessly blends modern aesthetics with robust construction. The combination of materials enhances the lighting experience while ensuring longevity.

Universal Voltage Compatibility:

  • Engineered to operate seamlessly across various electrical systems, with voltage options including 110V, 220V, and AC90-265V. Suitable for use in all countries. If you are in Brazil, please leave us a message specifying the voltage you require.

Upgrade your dining room decor with this Smart Modern Dining Room Pendant Chandelier, which adds a touch of contemporary elegance and intelligence to your home. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or enjoying a quiet meal, this chandelier provides the perfect lighting to create a stylish and inviting atmosphere.

With its sleek design, smart features, efficient wattage, and universal voltage compatibility, this chandelier is a versatile and stylish addition to any modern home. Illuminate your space with sophistication and convenience, and make a statement with our Smart Modern Dining Room Pendant Chandelier.


Function of lamps

1. Cold White or Warm White: single cold white or single warm white, no remote control.
2. changeable: cold white/warm white/natural white, 3 color light changeable, no remote control.
3. RC remote dimming: 2800K (warm white) - 6000K (cold white) any remote control dimming or switchable light color.
4. APP with RC Dimmable: with APP/Remote Control function,Brightness dimmable,color temperature changeable.


▲Size: Length 120cm,height 120cm(adjustable)▲

▲Applicable area: 10-40 square meters▲

▲Wattage: 108W▲

▲If you need to customize the height please contact us▲

▲Product material: aluminium,ironware,acrylic▲

▲If you need custom APP or AI voice control, please contact us▲

▲Voltage: 110V/220V/AC90-265V(Available in all countries)▲


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