Have you ever imagined, how often you use the kitchen faucet? From scouring vegetables to rinsing dishes to wash your hands or to simply get a drink! Actually, kitchen faucet is the most demanding arena of your home. Practically, your faucet gets used more than any other attributes of your daily household routine. With such a substantial capacity and constraint, it is significant that your kitchen faucet does -all -of -it for you in every possible manner. Although, the mainstay kitchen faucet is often the least contemplated upon.

The right kitchen faucet should ideally get fit according to your requirements and your kitchen's design scheme & décor. At the end of the day, you just don't want to merely go for something just for the sake of getting your job done.

Here are six hands-on tips for you to consider before buying the best kitchen faucet-

 Choose Appropriate Material and Finish

Always consider the material, kitchen faucets are made up of and the kind of finish you want. The kind of finish will affect the durability, demeanour, corrosion resistance ability and finally the costing of the faucet. In terms of structure and strength characteristically, faucets are generally made of products that are corrosion resistant, with stainless steel and brass being the most popular choice. Another suitable faucet material is zinc alloy which is less expensive. The most popular assortments in finishes are chrome, oil-rubbed bronze, gold and brushed nickel. Applying epoxy coatings and Titanium also aids maintaining the finish for a longer time.

 Pick Appropriate Handle(s)
The style of the handle is an integral aspect while choosing the right kind of kitchen faucet. Two-handled faucets provide a definitive traditional look and helps in the water flow and water temperature regulation efficiently. Whereas, single-handle faucet is more fashionable and the ‘’in – thing’’ these days. With single-handle faucet you can alter the water flow and water temperature in a snap according to your requirements. When it comes to hygiene and clutter free options then touchless or smart-senser faucet comes into play. They offer super ease and comfort but involve a power source for activation. The choice of faucet handle can transform the complete kitchen décor and most importantly your experience. The choices are many, choose as per your requirement.

Choose an Efficient and Convenient Style

Always remember, your kitchen faucet needs to be extremely efficient, purposeful, hard-wearing, well-organized, and appropriate without compromising on the style factor. Pick a style and finish that gels with other utilizations and attributes of your kitchen. These days, innumerable faucet styles are available to pick from. Ideally, consider your present kitchen décor. For instance, choose bold and stylish, wall-mounted kitchen faucet with a titanium coating finish for a farmhouse-style kitchen decor. On the other hand, an unpretentious, clean faucet design goes very well with the modern-day kitchen.

 Choose a Comfort Faucet Height

No matter how much you love a particular faucet style and design, it won’t look great in your kitchen if it doesn’t get fit accordingly. The most distinctive kitchen faucet mounting styles are: wall mounted, countertop mounted and sink mounted. Always consider the height of your kitchen cabinets to ensure that the stature of your preferred faucet won’t hinder the already available space. You should have sufficient space in your kitchen for a high-arc faucet as low-arc prototypes are usually fine designed for a comfortable kitchen space.


Spray Features Are Important

A spray feature on your faucet is expedient for various aspects. Many spray features provide dual control as a spray and sturdy jet. It aids to regulate water flow in your sink specifically letting you cover every nook and corner of the sink and so much more. You can also include a supplementary sprayer but usually a pull-out spray is included in most of the modern faucets to save the countertop area. The pull-out spray feature comprises of a longer pipe and is an outstanding selection for a small space sink.

Consider Necessary Installation Requirements

Installation requirements are as important as the design and style of the kitchen faucet. You need to consider the number of holes you are willing to introduce on your countertop or you want to go for a single-handle faucet. Sometime sinks usually have a single hole, and faucets necessitating multiple holes can't be installed. With three holes, you can fix a faucet, mount a supplementary spray along with a soap dispenser.

 Picking a kitchen faucet may seem like a regular, routine task, but it is in point of fact so integral that you should really invest some good time and energy in choosing the right one. Invest and pick a faucet design which proficiently and resourcefully reduces water flow rate, helps sustaining water pressure, consequently preserving water and saving you money

 At Lumuloxdecor, we can help you choose the correct faucet according to your style and requirements.