Toting custom-made touches is a common choice when it comes to home décor and you can always go over the top and all out in a kids’ room, from furniture, cabinet doors, pillows to light fixtures. Perhaps this is why when it comes to fashioning the room of your child’s dreams, a lighting arrangement can often be the picture-perfect way to go. There are amusing ways to bring in the lighting for kids’ room without being too evident and you can still keep things fun and contemporary.  Choosing kids’ room lighting is a fun task but at the same time complicated; because there are numerous aspects to keep in mind. Most importantly, your kids’ safety. Therefore, the flawless lighting is an integral part of kid’s room décor.

If you are choosing creative lighting ideas for your kids’ space don’t feel restricted. There are various products available in the market these days; moreover, there are several décor ideas that one can possibly dream of which can help getting a perfect lighting arrangement for your child’s room.

Check out these 4 fantastic lighting ideas for your kids’ room-



Because of their delightful shapes, sizes, colours and designs nightlights are tremendously prevalent in the market these days. They are perfect for kids who are afraid of pitch darkness and always want a dim light in their rooms. Night lights like compact fluorescent light bulb and other dim-colored bulbs provides an easy-going, soft radiance that doesn’t affect your kid’s sleep but offers plentiful brightness in your kid’s room. You can go with permanent attachments by fixing nightlights onto a wall or the ceiling; or on the other hand, plug-in night lights are also great options as provisional fixtures with no prerequisite for drilling or re-wiring. Plenty of theme-based nightlights such as airplane-themed chandeliers and Flowers’s lighting fixtures give you adequate options to get artistic with your kids’ room decor. 


Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures don’t acquire space in the room but definitely enhances the design and décor of your kid’s room. These days ceiling fixtures usually come with different created patterns where light gleams through the crafted pattern and replicates the aura around the room; providing a captivating appeal to the room.

If your kids’ room is designed in a way to create a multi-use space, consider using hefty pendant light fixtures as they resonate the color of the ceiling to give that interconnected ambience to the room. On the contrary, if you are looking for somewhat elusive and refined then opt for recessed lighting ceiling fixtures. They are easy to install and look inordinate in compact places. Colorful ceiling fans along with light fixtures also provide a fascinating appeal to a fun and adventure inspired kid’s room.



Table Lamps

The archetypal table lamp is another important attribute of your kid’s room décor that serves the dual purpose of task lighting as well. They are beneficial on bedside cabinets, nightstands or writing table where lighting is not appropriate. You can opt for friskily, perky and animated lamps and amalgamate them with various lampshades for an unusual, interesting appearance. Moreover, if your kids’ room, is spacious enough and decorated with fancy wall papers pick up a well-co-ordinated lamp shade. If your kid’s room is short on space, pick a small table lamp such as Finley - Accordion Desk Lamp to avoid giving the room a messy look. There are many designs available just explore and integrate various sizes, shapes and even theme-based table lamps till you find the exact appealing and artistic one for your kids’ space.


LED Lighting

You can take advantage of the modern LED lights to make your kids’ room well-lit. Delicate LED lighting can significantly enrich your kids’ senses and mood. The only thing required is the best method of application. Easily fixed almost anywhere in the room; from ceilings to bedside, these LED lights are multipurpose and adaptable.  They are one of the most common lighting options these days. LED lights can brighten your kid’s space instantaneously without having bulbs or complete fixtures and look extraordinarily stunning when viewed at night.  LED string lights are perfect for lighting up closets, false ceilings, wall compartments and other specific portions. You can also have LED floor and table lamps. These days you can even find, timer based rotating or remote-controlled LED lights for easy functioning. They are safe to use and are the one of the finest ways to create that amusing and playful ambience.


There is no accurate or precise way to pick a perfect option when it comes to choosing a lighting solution for your kids’ room. Whether you go for bright, cheerful lighting or subtle, creative and inspired; your kid’s room lighting and décor should be a reflection of their personality.

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